Thursday 6 May 2010

Election Day

I headed down to the polling station this morning with my wife and we both put our crosses on our ballot papers

Let's hope it makes a difference.

Unfortunately, I don't think any political party would be able to provide a way to avoid, or even deliver a comfortable or happy period through the financial armageddon that is beginning to take hold in southern Europe, and will inevitably ensue here in the UK when the monetary stimulus must necessarily end and the job of paying back our unprecedented debt begins.

Newsnight's Paul Mason wrote an extremely sobering blog yesterday about the difficulties that lie in wait for us.

What the country needs for the coming years is a Parliament of consensus and right-mindedness, where party political ties come second to building legislation that helps to prevent the disintegration of society when extreme austerity measures are in place.

My vote is cast, now I can only wait for the results and see what tomorrow brings.

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